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Tribute to Pancho Guedes


The Arts, Education and Culture Centre programming devotes special attention to the work of Pancho Guedes who was administrator of the Foundation since its genesis and responsible for the architecture Award with his name.
This program takes place following Pancho Guedes Award which distinguished in 2010, the work of architect Pedro
Ressano Garcia “Tagus Platform – back to the river” and in 2012, “Maputo, open city” by Fabio Vanin that will foresee the conference Changes in the social and urban landscape of Maputo to be held in this Centre.
This initiative will include the contribution of experiences, texts and images of all that, around the world, worked with Pancho Guedes and spontaneously want to dignify this tribute by organizing spread records, seminars and other academic initiatives always guided by the creative freedom spirit which is, for decades, a huge inspiration to architecture teachers and students.

Archiprix Portugal

The Archiprix Award is internationally recognized as one of the oldest and most prestigious academic awards in the areas of Architecture and Urbanism.
The Archiprix Portugal Award was established by Serra Henriques Foundation (Lisbon), and is supported by the Archiprix Foundation (Rotterdam) and the Portuguese College of Architects as well as several participant Architecture Schools.
Archiprix Portugal distinguishes the best master'
s theses presenting their final project in each school year (excluding theoretical dissertations). Archiprix establishes agreements with relevant stakeholders to promote the dissemination of emerging talents in Portuguese architecture, affording them international visibility and privileged public exposure.

Archiprix Portugal is part of the International Archiprix network, including counterparts such as Archiprix Netherlands, Archiprix Chile, Central Europe (Bosnia Herzegovina, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia), Turkey, Italy, Russia and Singapore. The worldwide Archiprix International Award is also part of this worldwide network:

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